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Welcome to Gordon Low Products Ltd, a leading UK manufacturer of Pond Liners, Lake Liners, Box-welded Pond Liners and Water Storage Tank Liners.

At our Bedfordshire factory we fabricate Butyl and EPDM rubber pond liner sheets for the UK Aquatic Trade. With 50 years trading experience producing flexible pond liners for lake lining, ornamental fish ponds, wildlife ponds, swimming ponds, reservoir liners, water tank liners and tailor made (box welded) pond liners for the professional landscaper and horticultural trade, you can rest assured we know what quality means.



Flat sheet pond liners fabricated in our UK factory from a choice of materials, sizes range from 2m x 2m up to 40m x 45m as single piece liners.



Tailor made (box-welded) pond liners made to fit your retaining structure, our box welded liners are fabricated in SealEco Butyl or SealEco EPDM rubber.



Water storage tank liners manufactured to your size of water tank, or to suit our range of cylindrical sectional steel water tanks.






Pond Liner Materials ~ Traditional Butyl Rubber, SealEco EPDM Rubber (Greenseal), Firestone PondGard EPDM or PVC Pond Liner, whichever best suits your project and budget.

SealEco Butyl Rubber and SealEco EPDM Rubber Pond Liners ~

Available from Gordon Low as 0.75mm or 1.0mm thick pond liner membrane, these rubber liners look and feel very similar but are infact quite different materials.

SealEco Butyl Rubber Pond Liner is the traditional pond builders favourite material, offering long life and exceptional mechanical properties. Follows contours easily for neat shelves and corners, and is black so is a perfect choice for a koi pond or formal water feature. It is however, the more expensive polymer. more>

SealEco EPDM Rubber Pond Liner (Greenseal) is a modern alternative to Butyl Rubber. Very popular, more economical pond liner material, EPDM Rubber also has superior anti-aging and mechanical properties over the traditional material. more>

We fabricate (hot bond weld) both of these materials to size in our UK factory. We offer fabricated pond liner sheets in widths from 1.7m up to 70m , and any length up to 40m. The largest single sheet we produce is 1800 sq.m due to practical handling limitations. Large pond liner sheets are folded and rolled onto cardboard cores for handling and are delivered to site on pallets.




Firestone PondGard EPDM ~

1.02mm thick rubber membrane produced by Firestone Building Products in USA. A slightly more rugged EPDM rubber membrane ideally suited to wildlife ponds, communal ponds, lagoons etc.

Supplied in a comprehensive range of prefabricated widths from 2.44m (8ft) to 15.25m (50ft) wide and up to 30.5m (100ft) length. more >

Gordon Low PVC ~

A high quality flexible PVC pond liner available as 0.5mm and 0.8mm thick pond liner rolls, 0.5mm thick pond liner pre-cut sheets (prepacks) and made to order landscaper sheets any size up to our maximum sheet size of 20m x 25m.

PVC is our budget pond liner range, usually chosen when project costs prohibit the selection of a rubber liner. more >



All of our pond liner materials are high quality, long life products. So whichever material you choose (usually dependant on budget), rest assured we select the highest quality materials available within the price group and coupled with our stringent quality controlled, in-house manufacturing system, we offer the best solution for a given budget.

Please feel free to call our Sales office for more help on material selection, liner sizes available and details of a stockist or installer in your area.




Download material specification sheets, product sales brochures and more.





Our Seaming section identifies the products you will require to create pond liner panel joins and watertight details. Video tutorials will guide you through the Firestone QuickSeam process from start to finish.

Note: - for larger installations, complex shapes or where obstacles such as islands have to be worked around, multiple panels can also be welded together on site by trained installers using our patented hot bond welding presses. more >





In our project gallery section you will see some excellent examples where our pond liners have been used to create some simply stunning ponds and waterscapes.





Try our Pond Liner Calculator to get an idea of liner size required for your project.





Gordon Low are a TRADE ONLY SUPPLIER, please use the link to find an Aquatic Retailer that supplies our products, or call us on the phone number above and we would be happy to put you in touch with your nearest Pond Liner stockist.



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